As you begin the college search we invite you to join us for a virtual information session to learn more about Emmanuel! Hear from a current student about campus life, learn more about the application process from our admissions counselors, and get answers to questions in real time.

    These sessions are offered Monday-Friday at 2:00 PM and Wednesdays at 6:00 PM. We hope to connect with you soon! If you are an accepted student please visit our Accepted Student website to see all the resources that are available to you or call the Office of Admissions at 617-735-9715.

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The Office of Admissions is open to assist students and their families navigate the college search process during this challenging time.

Want to contact us? Give us a call - our office phones are ringing on computers while we work remotely - or email If you prefer a one-on-one meeting or joining a webinar, choose one of those options from our visit page. We are disappointed we can not welcome you to our beautiful campus at this time however, we look forward to connecting with you virtually!

Our admissions process is personalized and thoughtful. We are committed to enrolling a student body with diverse academic interests and backgrounds.


Get started on joining our community. Emmanuel College welcomes applications from students across the country and around the world.


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We believe that an Emmanuel College education is an outstanding investment in your future. Together, we seek to make it accessible and affordable.


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Have questions about financial aid? Reach out directly or read through some of our frequently asked questions.

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400 The Fenway Boston, MA 02115

P: 617-735-9938
F: 617-735-9939

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Research Spotlight: Searching for an Evolution Solution

Propelled by a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant, students and faculty in the Mathematics Department are studying the rate of evolution in spatially structured populations using evolutionary graph theory, which may inform the estimation of important events in our evolutionary past, such as when humans split from our closest primate relatives.

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Assistant Professor of Communications and Media Studies Mark Flynn and Tristyn Suprenant ’20 take a look at food advertisements and the effects of mindfulness on television binge watching.

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In collaboration with Emmanuel graduate, Kierstin Giunco ’17, Associated Professor of Education Christine Leighton and current student Kayla Balthazar '20 are working with local elementary students to deepen reading engagement and comprehension.

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Research Spotlight: Economics Education on a Global Scale

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Eileen Milien '22: A Career-Affirming CURE

When choosing a college, Eileen knew two things for sure—that she would be able to get to know her professors and peers and that she wanted to be in an area in which she would have myriad opportunities in the research and medicine.

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Melissa Duffy '20: Artist and Appreciator

When Melissa started at Emmanuel, she chose what she believed to be two separate and distinct majors—studio art and history—to fulfill her both her personal and professional interests.

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Kai Uehara '20: Social Justice Scholar

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Michael Connelly '19: Preventing Cyberattacks with "Big Four" Accounting Firm Deloitte

Michael chose Emmanuel because of its location in Boston and its proximity to the city's "big players," specifically its leading names in the financial industry.

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Jessie Wang '19: Head of the Class

What began as an on-campus job in Emmanuel's student center transformed into a new career path for Jessie, one that brought her to Harvard University as a master's candidate in higher education administration. 

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Scarborough '17 Helps Visitors Ponder Life's Big Questions at Museum of Science Boston

Chemistry graduate Jennifer Scarborough '17 has found a way to combine her love for science and education. She shares her enthusiasm for the subjects as an education associate in the Hall of Human Life exhibit at Museum of Science Boston—one of the top science museums in the country (according to National Geographic).

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小米路由器安装Misstar Tools插件实现SS上网 - 江召伟 - 博客园:2021-1-20 · 可用性: 只在R2D上测试过,新出的那个pro还是什么很有可能用不了,没试过。本人不对可用性负责。用不了我也没办法。 下载下面图片,后缀改为zip后,解压。

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